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Lookbook – GANT Footwear Spring | Summer 2024

This season, our focus remains on the US theme. We're going back to our roots and revisiting some of GANT’s original inspirations: New York and other East Coast styles of the 1980s and 90s. The journey we began in recent seasons, to establish ourselves as the future of American sportswear, continues full steam ahead.

Our first drop this season is called American Academia. It explores contemporary American college campus culture and style. American Academia is a collection of refined sportswear classics that infuses an intellectual look with the Ivy League spirit, updating vintage nerd style with a strong focus on silhouettes and varsity details.

The second drop tells a classic fall story. Our Casual Cosmopolitan line enhances the 80s and 90s preppy combination of tailored silhouettes and casual comfort by adding constructed tailoring, utilitarian sharpness, relaxed modern sportswear, and a subtle touch of 90s Grunge untidiness.

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