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Lookbook – Scotch & Soda Footwear Fall | Winter 2021

The Sun Comes Up

This season we look forward to the return of freedom and sunshine as Elvis takes us to his "happy place": Hawaii. The island was his spiritual home, his blend of cultures, tolerance and openness. A mixture that was like him and his personal place of escape. And if there's one thing we truly believe in, it's that the sun always rises....

The entire collection offers summery colours, sun-bleached colour combinations and extraordinary prints, inspired by the landscape and the inhabitants of Hawaii, who respect and care for the earth as eco-pioneers. All materials used, such as high-quality leather or suede, are soft and summer-ready. Often in combination with textile, mesh and nylon. Colourful accents in papaya, rosé and green are creating summerfeelings, freedom and endless optimism.

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